The Different Benefits Of Night Creams

We are super excited here because we have launched our long-awaited Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid. There are benefits of night creams that are exceptional, and we’ll dive into night creams below. We’ll also share detail with you about why we’ve chosen to use the repurposed blueberry extract as our secret ingredient.

If your routines go to bed without using a night cream then you’re missing out on an incredible treat for your skin. Otherwise, if you want to wait a month or two until the UpCircle one is on the market, we’ll forgive you!

The Different Benefits Of Night Creams

Benefits of night cream:

We’ll explain the benefits of particular night cream ingredients in a few moments. No doubt, the benefits of a night cream are, to some degree, shaped by these individual ingredients. However, there are also wider benefits of this cream as a standalone product, whichever one you choose. Here is the top of the list of benefits of night cream.


During the daytime, your face is bombarded by drying effects due to pollution and sun exposure. You come at night time however, you are forgotten your water bottle and you want your skin to make it through to morning.

A night cream is enough, will keep your skin hydrated overnight, ensuring that you wake up looking fresh-faced in the morning. With a night cream, your skin will become wonderfully smooth and supple.

Did you know about dark circles that dark circles under your eyes are often caused by dehydration and certainly exacerbated with time? A night cream can help you tackle dark circles.


As we say, your face has a different quite a tough job during the day. By bedtime, following your evening routine, there are chances that any potential irritation in your skin is at its most, well, irritated! A night cream can help to calm and soothe skin overnight so ensure that any redness or irritation is can be banished while you sleep. This also helps to ensure that, by morning, you have an even skin complexion.

If you have acne or breakouts of your skin, the temptation is to dry out your skin. However, it needs to your skin be soothing and moisturized too. This is the best balance to do at night is the way to get.

Collagen boosting:

when collagen is depleted then Wrinkles and fine lines are more notable. When using a night cream boosts your collagen production, helping human skin to look plumper and firmer. This cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lessens sagging. In short, it will give the elasticity of your skin is given a much-needed boost.

In addition, when you apply night cream helps to stimulate blood circulation, helping to eliminate toxins and promote the human skin’s natural healing and cleansing process. Indeed, if you’re after the wonderful radiant glow that you see on others, a night cream will be your best secret weapon.

Tackles dryness:

A night cream can enable you to tackle dryness, which may feel strongly like a losing battle during the day. Its nourishing thick composition allows the moisture to really be absorbed deeply into human skin.

Benefits Of Night Cream

Preparation for the next day:

Each and every day human face is on the frontline. you don’t get lovingly covered up to protect it from the sun and other pollutants. A night cream is the only option that helps to prepare your skin for the next morning and can help make your skin absorb your morning products more easily.

How is night cream different from a moisturizer?

Fundamentally, whatever your moisturizer does work, your night cream does work more intensely. It is thicker, which means it brings a very huge amount of hydration. This level of hydration is usually too much during the daytime, especially that time if you’re then putting on make-up or leading a busy life.

Additionally, usually, the active ingredients in night cream have been specifically chosen to work most effectively in this thicker formula and in conjunction with human skin’s nightly process.

Incredibly, human skin actually absorbs capacity around 15% more of what you put on it at night than during the day.

Many night creams are designed and manufactured to be anti-aging. They contain ingredients that help you take good care of your skin to reduce the effects of aging. Effectively, because a night cream is so much thicker than a daily moisturizer can be, it means that you can actually double up on the amount of anti-aging goodness received overnight.

The benefits of certain night cream ingredients:

Of course, all-night creams are not created equally level. You’ll need to choose your cream carefully with thought to which essential have most ingredients are right for you.

We have developed our new night cream using repurposed blueberry extract. We’ve chosen this ingredient very intentionally and carefully. Not only does it meet our values of natural sustainable ingredients, but it’s bursting with your skin goodness.

Blueberry extract is a full fill of antioxidants and rich vitamin A. The extract actually helps to shield human skin from blue light exposure whilst also helping humans repair the skin barrier.

In addition, we have also included niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and rosehip oil in our night cream. Niacinamide has vitamin B3 and works with human skin’s natural ability to improve complexion, banish dullness and tighten pores. Hyaluronic acid is fabulous for moisturizing your skin and helping to reduce the signs of aging. Rosehip oil is very rich in vitamin C, boosting your collagen production and reducing your inflammation.

How to apply night cream:

Benefits Of Night Cream

We have really recommended incorporating night cream into your evening routine can follow the below points in order to really capitalize on the benefits it brings.

Follow a cleansing routine first:

You must use Cleanser which was chosen first to remove dirt and excess sebum following the day. We recommend to you a double-cleanse approach. Then, ensure that your skin is dry before applying night cream.

Dab on night cream:

You must start night cream using clean fingertips by dabbing on a generous amount. Then should be using an upward and circular motion to massage the cream into your skin. The massage is a very important part of boosting absorption and circulation.

Benefits Of Night Cream

Night Cream Tutorial:

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