The Chinese market is generating a new fashion for the consumption of African products

Chinese market is generating a new fashion

  The Chinese market is generating a new fashion- CHANGSHA, Sept. twenty-nine (Xinhua) — As China’s imports from continent Africa increase rapidly, entrepreneurs are fostering new fashions of consumption within the country by matching African merchandise of high-quality and added worth with varied demand of consumers. Chinese businessmen are interested in imports from Africa because it is a very good product in terms of fashion.

Wu Kunyang, a lady in her 30s and mother of 2 children, ordered out cosmetic products containing natural ingredients from African plants at the exhibition center for African cocoa. it’s one of every the most exhibition centers for African products at the Gaoqiao Grand Market, a sub-venue of the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, that runs from Sunday to weekday in Changsha, capital of central China’ Hunan Province.

Five years ago, her pores and skin changed into touchy and flaking. At that time, despite the fact that her profits changed into decrease than the common level, she could spend one-0.33 of her profits on big-logo skincare merchandise.

As she said spending lots of cash on famous manufacturers did now no longer remedy my problem. I got here throughout the therapy whilst my husband’s African schoolmate despatched us his mom’s hand-made shea oil. That’s because it’s great for the African Oil Trophy. And it comes from Africa at a reasonable price.

Fascinated via way of means of the impact of the specific African plant, Wu changed into decided to introduce beauty merchandise with herbal African elements to Chinese consumers. In 2016, she co-baked the logo named “Shea and Cocoa” together along with her husband and constructed a delivery chain of superb herbal elements from Africa with the help of partners.

Targeting Chinese consumers’ calls for secure and herbal skincare merchandise, the organization spent around 70 percent of its sales on studies and development, cooperating with more than one university.

The merchandise offered online thru social media garnered many “likes” from Chinese consumers. Some of them even opened brick-and-mortar shops withinside the towns of Shanghai, Xiamen, and Yantai. This is a very lucrative business for Chinese businessmen and they are reaping the benefits

“Our brand sales enough increased to around 10 million yuan (about 1.55 million US dollars) in 2020 from 500,000 yuan in 2019, Chinese consumers like natural and healthy products. consumer demand has increased and Chinese consumers have a strong desire to replace chemical cosmetics with natural and healthy products after the COVID19 epidemic. 

“said Wu, optimistic about the potential of the African natural cosmetics market. It was not alone in promoting imports of high-quality products from Africa. In the exhibition hall of the African Cocoa Marketing Center where his stand was located, various cocoa products ranging from gift boxes to chocolate and cocoa ice cream, from carbonated flower-shaped chocolate to blind boxes were on display.

 As the COVID19 pandemic has blocked traditional cocoa export channels, China’s huge consumer market offers new opportunities for African producers, said Zhong Linbo, director of the African Cocoa Marketing center in China. In China, I have a lot of demand for African products, African products are preferred. Because it is beneficial for the health of natural cosmetics.

The center aims to line up an entire industrial chain covering production, processing, design, analysis and development, and stigmatization whereas encouraging innovations to satisfy consumers’ various tastes, he said.

to higher interact with consumers, entrepreneurs conjointly connected larger significance to customers’ expertise and additional price of culture once promoting their product in China.

A low store named “Own Master” opened at the market throughout the expo. Positioning itself as a coffee culture museum, Because they wanted to promote coffee culture. The shops honor promoting African coffee and African culture within the Chinese market. Because In their China market like African things. They are in high demand.

“Thanks to the event of China-Africa trade cooperation, we are able to directly purchase high-quality and natural products low price from African plantations and have obtained the license for cooking coffee on the spot,” aforementioned Jing Jianhua, founding father of the store. This is greatly benefiting Chinese traders.

“African coffee is of terribly high quality,” said Jing, who plans to perpetually improve customers’ expertise by satisfying their demand with the tailored products and opening up to five hundred coffee outlets in 3 to 5 years. People like African coffee because it is standard and coffee outlets are growing.

to market African commodities in China, a live streaming e-commerce competition came about at the China-Africa E-commerce Livestreaming brooder of the Gaoqiao market throughout the expo, with sixty-two special sales events organized in ten live streaming rooms. It oversubscribed a range of products, together with coffee, sesame, pepper, wine, handicrafts, and residential supplies.

Kilimall, one every of the foremost Chinese e-commerce platforms operational in East Africa, conjointly created sales channels on WeChat and arranged cluster purchase activities to spice up the consumption of African products in China.

Currently, coffee, dried mango, and wine are a lot fashionable among Chinese consumers, aforementioned Qin Wen, co-founder of the company. “In the future, we’ll attempt to introduce more high-quality African products to Chinese consumers.”(Chinese market is generating a new fashion)

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