Olive and June Nail Polish

Olive and June sans 7, durable nail clean for salon-quality outcomes at home. HD is a spotless, fresh white clean with a tad of delicateness that pops against all complexions. Fresher than new. Applies without a hitch and sans streak. Continuously savagery free and vegetarian.

Olive and June Nail Polish


Before I get excessively far we should discuss what Olive and June is. Olive and June is a nail care organization that was established in California. They have 3 salons out there and began to sell their nail cleans and care lines on the web.

The nail cleaners are veggie lover, mercilessness free and 7 free (liberated from unforgiving synthetics like formed without Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde gum, Camphor, Ethyl tosylamide, Xylene).

Olive and June are likewise known for the nail clean instrument called the Poppy – a pink minimal clincher that goes on top of their clean that they say helps make painting your own nails more straightforward.

Subsequent to seeing enough of their Instagram promotions and excellent nail treatments, I was intrigued yet reluctant to dish out $40 on a nail treatment set (or framework as they call it) in the event that I could have done without it. I researched around and saw that Target conveyed them coming up so I wound up going there to get a couple of their shines.


I was astounded when I got to Target to find the endcap practically unfilled – this stuff should be really well known! I lucked out and had the option to get all that I thought I wanted:

  • Preliminary
  • Nail clean (I went with a light pink)
  • Fingernail skin serum
  • Dry drops

While I was there I wound up going a little overboard on a tidy-up brush and a portion of their clean remover since I know I’m muddled with painting my own nails (I figure my baby could make a superior showing LOL). Olive and June suggest a top coat however I previously had a practically new container of OPI top coat from my Color Street mani, so I passed on theirs.

Now I understood I was nearly at the cost of a unit and most likely ought to have quite recently requested it in the first place (I truly can’t go into Target without spending more than I arranged), however, I was glad to at minimum have the option to carry it home with me same day as opposed to hanging tight 6-8 days for transportation.


That evening I did my first nail treatment and was dazzled with how it came out. It was untidy and didn’t look really near the Instagram pics, however not quite as muddled as it typically was. The poppy did really make it simpler for me to paint my nails, particularly on my right hand – I typically battle with painting my predominant hand! I utilized the dry drops on top of the OPI coat and was glad that my nails felt pretty dry in 5 minutes or less.

The nail treatment wound up going on around 5 days before a portion of my nails began to chip, which didn’t amaze me to an extreme. The chips happened where I sort of anticipated that they should – the spots my nails were really harmed and stripping.



I chose to paint my nails again the same way, however this time the chipping began after just 2 days. Baffled, I went to a Facebook gathering to make an inquiry or two any tips and they suggested watching the Bootcamp recordings and putting resources into the topcoat.

Subsequent to gorging a couple of the recordings (they have them generally on their Instagram channel), I returned to Target to get the topcoat, one more clean tone (I went with white this chance to stir things up), and got new nail documents.

I returned home that evening and after A headed to sleep, chose to attempt mani #2 with the new white clean. I adhered to the Bootcamp guidelines precisely and, surprisingly, held up the entire 10 minutes in the middle of 3 coats. The outcome was lovely, still untidy around the edges, yet the clean looked reflexive and like my number one plunge nails.

Tragically it just endured a day prior to chipping on one finger started once more.



you’ve seen my accounts showing my nail trims. I labeled Olive and June in one of them (a completed pic of my nail treatment) and they sent me a DM asking how I loved it.

I was straightforward with them and let them know I was somewhat disheartened with my nails not enduring and getting somewhat baffled. I truly need to adore these shines yet they simply don’t appear to be working for me!

They were so sweet and requested that I walk them through my cycle. During the time spent doing that, I understood the chipping nail was again one of my powerless stripping nails. They prescribed I attempt the fortifying shine to assist with modifying my nails.

I’ll be straightforward – I was somewhat reluctant to pay out significantly more cash on these shines. I’ve proactively spent a lot thus far the clean doesn’t appear to be satisfying the expectations for me.


I chose to do some examination before I put anything else into these shines (I truly ought to have been quite recently purchased a framework now). I happened to Facebook and observed a fan bunch and made an inquiry or two.

It seemed like my experience was normal toward the start, particularly for those with harmed nails. The criticism from the gathering was the strengthener truly helped them, as well as keeping their nails somewhat longer.

I chose to take a risk and request the nail strengthener. I’m trusting this will be the arrangement I want and my nails will get back to business as usual.


Since I initially composed this I accepted my nail strengthener via the post office and that has assisted a ton! I utilize that rather than nail groundwork and my nail clean is for the most part enduring 3-To 5 days without chips. It’s not insofar as I’m utilized to with plunge nail shines, however, my nails are most certainly better and more grounded since I’ve utilized them.

I’ve likewise begun to truly partake during the time spent doing my own nails and anticipate it every week. I love the shadings Olive and June bring to the table and I’ve been having a great time combining various tones as one to make different numbers.

Olive and June Nail Polish Tutorial:


The Olive and June shine are totally ravishing, however, there is most certainly an expectation to absorb information included. On the off chance that you’re significant about attempting Olive and June, I’d suggest simply putting resources into the framework through their site as opposed to purchasing everything separate from Target.

Additionally, help yourself out and watch the Bootcamp classes on Instagram (they’re under their IGTV). They’re somewhat lengthy, yet you glean some significant experience of tips in them

I’m somewhat frustrated the clean hasn’t worked out totally for me, however, do truly like how the clean looks (when it’s not chipped LOL) and I’m really beginning to appreciate doing my own nail treatments. It’s practically similar to loosening up an inventive break for me.

I additionally truly like the Olive and June people group and brand. The Facebook bunches I’ve found are incredibly useful and strong, as well as I’m intrigued with the help I got attempting to investigate my manis.

I’m trusting with the strengthener and practice I’ll have the option to come by longer outcomes, as well as fix my harmed nails. However, until further notice, I’ll continue to rehearse since I’ve previously put such a huge amount into it and basically I’ll have pretty nails for a couple of days. I’ll refresh this post once I get an opportunity to evaluate the strength!

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