ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

What is ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish? Holographic type nail polishes contain specialized micro-particles tabbed SpectraFlair. These types of particles are mini prisms that create a different sparkling multicolored rainbow effect on your nails.

ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish is a nail lacquer that retails for a medium retail price. There are 4 shades in our database. Their names are pursued in the list.


ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

The trademark has several finishes, though some overlap, and they primarily have polishes with some shimmer to them, which often includes holographic, duo chromatic, or multichromatic shimmer and effects.

The majority of shades specifically list how many coats are necessary for full coverage, which typically ranged from two to three, though a few went as upper as four coats; the jelly finished, as expected, tended to be the sheerest. I found that what was stated was typically well-judged to opacity performance. Most types of shades needed two coats for plane (and/or opaque) coverage.

More metallic shades–often multichromes–had barely visible skim strokes from a normal viewing loftiness (as compared to a close-up photo, which is magnified). A spare stratify sometimes made these planes less noticeable, and then a good layer of top stratify remoter reduced the visibility.

Both the holographic and multichrome shades presented with visible shifts and plane dispersion of holographic shimmer/sparkle. Some of these multichrome shades had less contrasting shifts, so the effect of these shades wasn’t as strong head-on (e.g. shifting between indecorous to violet to warmer purple) but readily visible just glancing at my nails resting on the sedentary and so on.

Many shades had preferably pearl/shimmer, which danced and unprotected the light beautifully but ensured a smooth texture and easier removal.

The formula tended to have a light to light-medium viscosity to it, which ensured fluid, increasingly plane coverage without stuff thick, goopy, or so thin that it zestless lanugo as one unromantic it to nail. Some of these shades of black-based shimmer shades seemed to be a little thinner relative to the jelly and multichrome finishes.

Most shades self-leveled and hid my increasingly ridged nails, though good wiring and top stratify would be ideal. Overall, the polishes were smooth and easy to work with, while the skim itself wasn’t too wide nor too narrow, though I had to be most shielding working with some of the richer shades on my pinky!

The drying time seemed average; I was worldly-wise to add a second (and/or third) stratify without I had washed up the other nails on my hand. I would require the Multichromes a little uneaten time to dry lanugo just to ensure the least visible skim strokes in the end result, though. For the increasingly sparkly and textured shades, like the glitters, I felt like a top stratify really helped to bring everything together to requite the end result a shiny, plush effect.

Of the shades I’ve washed-up full wear tests for (about 20 shades at the time of writing the overview), none of them have chipped over the undertow of a week. I’ve had minor tip wear wideness the workbench with some shades having very minor tip wear at that.

That stuff said it’s typical for me to have polish last a week or longer on me, though, and I have not personally had issues with finding a formula that wears within a week with minor tip wear but no chipping. The primary source of tip wear likely comes from typing on the computer, though I moreover unshut small, paper cartons and peel off labels routinely when opening new products (for review).

ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish


Deliciously Purple & Amazingly Holographic: Charmed is a beautifully refined royal plum nail polish that may surprise you when you least expect it! Alimony a tropical eye on the finish of Charmed and you’ll notice that the undertones may lean red or indecorous depending on the lighting you’re under. Either way, the supremely vivid holographic finish of Charmed will certainly wrack up your mind!

Precision Formulation w/ a Touch of Artistry: Charmed has been thoughtfully formulated to unhook an intense holographic sparkle while maintaining a luxuriously regal finish.

Smooth & Slick Finish, Effortless Removal: Charmed dries to a trappy slick finish that is as smooth as silk and shines like glass. It is not a gritty texture and removal is a breeze. No soaking is required, just wipe it right off – nothing like difficult glitter nail polish!

Non-Toxic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free:
All ILNP nail polish is cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan. Our 5-free formula is self-ruling from potentially harmful chemicals and unscratched to use by all. We alimony humans, animals, and the world in mind.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: ILNP’s most important job is to make sure you’re happy! If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’re happy to winnow a return or offer you a mart – totally self-ruling of charge! Just let us know and we’ll take superintendency of the rest, no questions asked!

Premium Ingredients: Using only the highest quality ingredients available, each of our products is thoughtfully designed with original wastefulness and incredible performance in mind. Every detail matters to us.



Finish Type

Material Type Free

Item Form


Toluene Free, Triphenyl Phosphate Free, Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free, Xylene Free

Nail Polish

Is ILNP toxic?

All ILNP nail polishes are 7-Free, non-toxic, and totally unscratched to use! They have not to contain Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, or Xylene

What is Polish pickup?

The concept for Polish Pickup is fun and interesting. Every month a theme is done that is nominated and voted on by customers and inspires the polishes that are then made available. The makers that are involved each month talk overdue the scenes and make sure their polishes are unique from each other.

What is ILNP jelly?

Jello Shot is a deliciously juicy paradise pink jelly that packs a jaw-dropping holographic dial thanks to a generous variousness of oversized holographic goodness! You will find the glass-like translucency of Jello Shot lends itself to an incredible finish.

ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish:

ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

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ILNP Ultra Holographic Nail Polish Tutorial:


The conclusion is that A lot of nail polishes say it’s holographic, but it’s not or it’s iridescent… not true holo. But ILNP Ultra Holographic nail polish, the holo is real!! One of my favorite nail polishes and definitely my favorite nail polish line!

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