How to kool aid dye hair

How to kool aid dye hair- Here at Byrdie, we’ve got considered no scarcity of splendor hacks, some beneficial and some, well, downright wild. Among the standard ones—like smoothing Vaseline on cracked heels and the use of dryer sheets for ridding flyaways—we’ve additionally considered ones that elevate eyebrows, like making use of toothpaste on your boobs to strive to tighten them up (yup).

When social distancing made it such that we could not see specialists in person, we entered a new technology of DIY concoctions and at-home treatments. The latest? Dyeing your hair with Kool-Aid.

The childhood favorite made its debut a few years in the past as an at-home hair dye solution, however, it is these days made a comeback amongst these searching to weave in pops of orange, blue, and inexperienced in their hair.

Whether it is due to the fact they’re craving for an exercise (one that would not contain 700-piece puzzles, banana bread, and Netflix), or they honestly crave a colorful change, one thing’s for sure:

People are looking out for how this is done, and are turning to Instagram for inspiration—#koolaidhair and #koolaidhairdye on Instagram each have over one thousand tags every (and counting). We reached out to expert hairstylist Kali Ferrara to get the lowdown on this splendor trend. Is it safe, can it be unfavorable to the hair, and how the hell is it surely done?

Kali Ferrara is an expert hairstylist and hair colorist primarily based in New York City. With a center of attention on color, she’s skilled in balayage, foiling, and color correction.

How to kool aid dye hair
How to kool aid dye hair

What You Need to Know(How to kool aid dye hair):

How to kool aid dye hair
How to kool aid dye hair

“When shading your hair with Kool-Aid, all it is absolutely doing is staining the patio of your hair shaft, similar to you would utilize suppers shading to shading Easter eggs,” says Ferrara. While the Kool-Aid hair color hack may furthermore be delightful to these terrified of responsibility, there are admonitions.

First of all, it can get muddled. Utilize the unsweetened bundles (the improved ones can make the way significantly stickier) and put on an antiquated shirt or towel you don’t think getting filthy.

Ferrara notes that the effectivity of the Kool-Aid working and absorbing evenly has the entirety to do with your hair’s porosity. And simply like salon coloring, your base shade performs a position in what your give-up end result will appear like.

“Blonde hair will take the color in a greater bright way, whereas a brunette will get a forged of shade seen in reflective light,” she explains. “In order to have an extra vivid color, lightening is required on darker hair, something I do not endorse doing at home.”

What You’ll Need to Make Kool-Aid Hair Dye(How to kool aid dye hair):

How to kool aid dye hair
How to kool aid dye hair
  • One is Kool-Aid packets in the color of your choice
  • The second is Warm water
  • Third Disposable gloves
  • Fourth Hair ties
  • This is a Hair dye brush
  • This is also Plastic bag or bathing cap
  • The last is Bowl or container

How to Color Your Hair with Kool-Aid(How to kool aid dye hair):

How to kool aid dye hair
How to kool aid dye hair
  • Put on disposable gloves to keep away from staining. Start with freshly washed, towel-dried hair.
  • In a heat-safe bowl or container, dissolve Kool-Aid packets with heat water (use much less water if you prefer a greater vivid coloration or have darker hair). Mix till combined.
  • If you are dip-dyeing, pull all of your hair up into a hair tie. Dip the ends into the combination for 15 to 30 minutes (longer if you prefer it to be greater colorful).
  • For all-over color, the area the hair into 4 parts. Use gloved arms or a hair dye brush to brush the combination onto every section. Tie every part up with a hair tie and put on a plastic bag or bathing cap. Let take a seat for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse hair with bloodless water.

Pros and Cons(How to kool aid dye hair):

How to kool aid dye hair
How to kool aid dye hair

As with any hair dyeing method, there are professionals and cons. “Right now human beings are caught in their houses and choose to strive for something different,” says Ferrara.

“I don’t suggest lightening your hair at domestic to yield an extra bright result, however still, there’s no longer too plenty damage in the use of Kool-Aid to provide yourself a little something different.” She provides that this approach is solely a brief answer to hair color, as it is solely staining the backyard of the hair cuticle.

But, the query we’re all unanimously asking ourselves: Can this injury my hair? According to Ferrara, the reply is special to your hair type. “While the use of Kool-Aid on hair is no longer damaging, it can end result in undesirable stains after the shade has begun to fade,” she tells us.

“These stains can be tough for hair colorists to remove, specifically if the hair is already compromised and overly porous. Porous hair will suck up any pigment that is utilized to it, ensuing in uneven coloration saturation and uneven fading.”

The Bottom Line(How to kool aid dye hair):

How to kool aid dye hair
How to kool aid dye hair

Kool-Aid Hair coloring is one of these do-at-your-own-hazard patterns, and most experts consent to tread carefully. While there are no genuine ominous outcomes to strands, it tends to be a chaotic way and disappears at the rear of staining. For a decision of at-home hair shading, Ferrara suggests the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask ($28)- there are hues for each firming brazen lock and ones that satisfy the desire for shading.

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