How to become a fashion stylist

How to become a fashion stylist- Do you have an eye for fashion? Are you drawn to inspiring imagery, passionate about apparel and self-expression? Do you dream of being a section of the trend industry?

If this sounds like you, you might also desire to discover a profession as a trend stylist. This article will cowl what steps to take first, what your trend styling portfolio has to encompass, and some myth-busting on what a stylist genuinely does.

This is for all you trend fanatics. After almost two a long time working in the industry, I’m nevertheless simply as passionate as when I was once a teen slicing images out of the i-D magazine, to plaster over my bedroom wall.

Some of you may be laser-focused on turning into a trend stylist. Many of you will comprehend your favor to be in the midst of the action, however possibly you aren’t certain of precisely what a stylist does?

Over the years I have taught thousands of college students who took publications at London College of Fashion unsure about which course to take (or how to get on the path, once they have figured out their goals.) One of my largest inspirations is gazing at a pupil like this discovering their focal point and bouncing into action, taking these interesting first steps.

It has been a particularly difficult 18 months, and I am so grateful to be returned to the studio working with my enterprise colleagues and companies of students. With steamers, wind machines, and hair curlers fired up prepared for action, we are first-rate excited to welcome you lower back on set to work with models, photographers, and the total innovative team.

As two of my favored aides start to return up, I like to impart a few proposals to you that will help you get everything rolling. In December I will walk the serious three-week Editorial Styling and Creative Direction Short Course, a powerful heading loaded with display visits, file research, studio shoots, and invigorating talks.

From January The Complete Stylist will be returning – educated north of ten Saturdays. In the event that private styling is more noteworthy than your thing, my very great associate Polly will be taking strolls in her Principles of Personal Styling Short Course.

How to become a fashion stylist
How to become a fashion stylist

What does a fashion stylist do?(How to become a fashion stylist)

How to become a fashion stylist
How to become a fashion stylist

We set trends, collaborate with brands, shoot journal covers and carry to lifestyles the photos in our imagination. To run it down – a stylist attire people, the use of apparel to communicate.

It may want to be to make someone appear and experience great, to promote a collection, or to create an inspiring image. It is all about telling memories with garments and its degrees from editorial, the place your focal point is following an editor’s short to create a thematic trend shoot, to private styling the place you gown actual people, for their actual lives.

Although garb is an extraordinarily essential phase of the process, a stylist is rarely just placing collective outfits. Most frequently we work with a better innovative group sharing references, creating concepts, experimenting, and taking part to produce a unique outcome.

Stylists work with musicians, trend designers, and manufacturers as consultants – now and again turning into the phase of the format process. Stylists may additionally work as Creative Directors pushing the imagination and prescient of a project, or as Fashion Editors accountable for the aesthetic of a publication. (networking and commissioning different stylists and creatives to make contribution points and shoots.)

There are three key areas many stylists work throughout in Fashion Styling:

How to become a fashion stylist
How to become a fashion stylist


Editorial styling is growing imagery for journal shoots. These pictures are then used in each print and online publication.

Editorial is your innovative work. It’s no longer created explicitly to promote and you’re no longer working for a brand. Instead, you are commissioned by means of an editor to produce imagery for a journal or a media platform.

To see this in action, pick out up a journal and pass by previous commercials (these are created via manufacturers and then the manufacturers pay to region their campaigns in magazines, normally in the first 20-100 pages of a book relying on how an awful lot marketing they feature.)

Anything previous the advertising and marketing is probably to be editorial content material – articles, nevertheless existence shoots, interviews, and snapshots (and the most thrilling editorial content material for a stylish are the essential trend shoots). In trend magazines like Pop, Love, Self Service, Arena Homme Plus, tales can be many pages lengthy (sometimes up to 100!).

In greater commercially focused magazines like Elle, Vogue, or GQ a trend shoot tends to come in below 20 pages.

Editorial is the place most stylists construct their enterprise “portfolio”, as it’s typically a possibility to be extra creative. It is the place a stylist establishes their identity inside the trend industry and builds their innovative and expert network.


Commercial styling is work that is created to promote a product as the phase of a wider advertising and marketing campaign. Think advertisements, shifting imagery, look-books, innovative content material for a brand’s social media… even a catwalk show.

Almost all industrial gigs inside the trend enterprise are given to editorial stylists, and so grasping the world of trend editorial is necessary to build a profitable profession as a trend stylist; balancing your “creative” work with the tons higher-paid “commercial” jobs and clients.

Personal styling:

Personal styling is about dressing an individual: supporting them audit their current wardrobe, keep for core gadgets that they may be missing, and supporting construct their private style. Although, as a stylist, you may also work throughout the editorial, commercial, and personal styling (as I have), it is essential to notice that non-public styling sits backyard of the trend industry.

It’s no longer pretty the equal as styling a musician or a superstar – (somebody in the public eye) – the place you work at once with manufacturers and the press office, simply like when working on a journal shoot or manufacturer campaign.

One of our private styling tutors, Nada Dahab, weighs in: “A private stylist is accountable for assisting humans now not solely discover their personal special fashion however gown in a way that fits their physique form and lifestyle. A massive section of what non-public stylists do is to set up what their consumers needs, observed up with lookup and planning.”

What does the job of a fashion stylist involve?(How to become a fashion stylist)

How to become a fashion stylist
How to become a fashion stylist

From the slick, dependent simplicity of Joe McKenna’s studio shoots, Lotta Volkova’s rebellious anti-fashion imaginative and prescient, or Patti Wilson’s extravagant and theatrical storytelling – there’s a large scope for the sort of editorial stylist you ought to become. Although the editorial is regularly unpaid or badly paid, it is regularly the place we discover the most innovative fulfillment and it is additionally the place we appeal to our business clients.

The stylist is concerned with tons extra than simply garments on the shoot. From the beginning, you are worried about the team’s effort to do the lookup and boost the concept. Fashion residence stylists, now not solely gown fashions for the catwalk but additionally seek advice from designers and manufacturers to structure the vision. What they choose is your taste, your Genius, and your factor of view.

So, if you desire to be a stylist… let’s get to it.

Find your factor of view:

It goes past clothes. Styling is about aesthetics, politics, narratives, identification, and growing value.

I in my opinion don’t accept as true with styling is a talent in the equal way sample slicing or the capacity to examine a specific language is. There are a lot of capabilities that make you a splendid stylist, like desirable lookup skills, being in a position to speak visually, teamwork, answering a brief. But the real styling phase – it is now not a skill.

It’s now not about one purse matching a precise pair of shoes, or which hues have to or ought to no longer go together. It’s a lot greater personal. Styling can be transformative. It all relies upon your viewpoint. Some stylists observe trends and promote catwalk trends, others create greater abstract, concept-led imagery that can totally exchange peoples’ opinions on-trend or beauty.

Styling and innovative image-making inside the trend enterprise can be a pressure for social change, visible illustration, or political rebellion.

Build your network:

Building a community is key. Over 80% of job seekers say their community has helped with their job search. Be proactive, attend applicable events, preserve up to date with the modern-day trend information and be lively on your social media platforms.

Here is a pinnacle tip: If you do not understand, it is your new excellent friend. Exploring their huge digital database, you will see that many shoots – editorial and business – are produced by way of equal teams. People construct their networks and pick out to work collectively once more and again. I’ve worked with some identical humans for 15 years!

So, get your networking boots on! Find humans in the equal function as you who are inclined to collaborate, get your title out there, attain out to humans in the enterprise and examine from the experts.

Build a portfolio:

My three golden regulations for constructing your profile as a stylist: take a look at shoots, network, and assist.

Get yourself a bag of antique garments and a camera, or a buddy with a camera. Find anybody who appears fascinating to model, a super place you can get entry to for free, or a clean wall in your flat. Don’t overthink it, simply get started. The first shoots you do like this aren’t going to get posted in magazines and you probably won’t even put them on your Instagram.

It’s about practicing, having fun, constructing your confidence. As your take, a look at shoots gets extra fascinating and you begin to create imagery you accept as true within, be daring, and attain out to greater human beings to collaborate with. Start displaying your burgeoning portfolio to online editors, small magazines, unbiased brands. Remember it is a marathon now not a sprint.

But you get loads of free clothes, right?(How to become a fashion stylist)

How to become a fashion stylist
How to become a fashion stylist

This is now not a job about shopping. It is a long way too challenging work and it’s in the main no longer very glamorous! If you love purchasing and you love sporting exquisite clothes, then styling is not always the easiest to bridge to that destination.

It’s now not like in The Devil Wears Prada the place the new assistant receives a freebie Chanel makeover! Sure, we get first dibs on pattern sales and press reductions and the odd, gorgeous gift, however, we do it for the work

These are the most vital steps to success for you to come to be a trend stylist, however, of course, there is a lot to research alongside the way. If you prefer to strengthen your skills, take a look at our Editorial Styling and Creative Direction and The Complete Stylist.

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