Eye Makeup With Eyelash Extension:

How can you do makeup with eyelash extensions? But now, It is possible to flaunt thick, long, and fluffy lashes. Most people are searching for inspiring makeup looks with eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions offer you a lot of benefits during the makeup look. You can achieve more attractive eye make with eyelashes extension.

Eyelash extensions add volume to natural eyelashes make and you appear more youthful. It’s no secret societal beauty standards are gorgeous long and thick eyelashes. With extensions, you can enhance your natural beauty with the use of makeup or other beauty products.

Although; eyelashes extension will lift your lashes and will not require the use of mascara. lash extensions will increase the length of your lashes and draw people into your eyes. Lash extensions are water-resistant and do not damage your natural lashes. They are properly attached to your natural eyelashes and will give you a unique and beautiful look(Eyelash Extension).

makeup with eyelash extension
Eye makeup with eyelash extension

Benefits Of Lash Extension:

1) Eyelash extensions do not damage your eyelashes if they are applied properly.
2) They are safe and do not ruin the health of natural lashes.
3) Eyelash extensions are already very impressive in themselves.
4) The lash extension will enhance your beauty every time and everywhere.
5) The application of eyelash extensions is quite effortless.
6) The lash extension can fulfill your dream of beautiful long lashes and an alluring look.
7) Lash extensions feel weightless and natural.
8) The Lash extensions are safe for the long term.
9) They are comfortable and water-resistant.
10) Lash extensions will not require the use of mascara and will give you an amazing and gorgeous look.
11) Lash extensions will lift your lashes and will add volume to your natural eyelashes.
12) Individual eyelashes extensions are appropriately attached to your natural eyelashes and will make your lashes look long and full at all times.

Benefits of Eyelash Extension
Benefits of Eyelashes extension

Multiple Kind Of Lash Extensions:

There are three famous types of lash extensions:
3) silk.
You can approximately achieve different “looks” just depending on the length and thickness of the lashes. For example; If you raise your outer lashes by a few extra millimeters gives you a “cat-eye style”, while constantly long lashes across the eye are more give you a “showgirl” look. if you’re feeling extra adventurous so, some places even offer lash extensions in different colors.

Eyelash Extension
Kinds Of Eyelash Extension

Avoid Oil:

Well normally, avoiding oils in eyelash extensions is definitely a staple. Avoid Oil-based products that can cause the glue in your extensions to break down. Further, to use oil-free makeup products, you should also make sure that your makeup remover and daily skin regimen are free of oil as well.

Cristina Monaco warns; “Using a makeup remover that is oil-based will cause those lashes to slide right off.” Contemplate, ”Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water” with Vitamin C, which is formulated without oil, alcohol, and fragrance(Eyelash Extension).

Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water

Avoid Mascara:

Waterproofed mascara and any type of oil-based mascara will dissolve the bonding rep and decrease the life of your eyelash extensions. Actually, the brush in mascara can possibly pull on your eyelids. and cause them to be damaged, loosened, and removed.

Honest, though it’s more tempting to make your eyelashes glance even fuller and long, it’s not worth making your lashes clump together and weakening the glue of the false lashes. Rather, apply mascara just on your lower lashes. If you’re committed to wearing mascara despite the warnings then we recommended you an oil mascara, like this; the” Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara”.

Avoid Mascara From Lash Extension

Don’t Wear WaterProof Makeup Products:

Do not use oil-based or waterproof Makeup. Waterproof makeup or any type of oil-based makeup product will dissolve the bonding agent and decrease the life of your eyelash extensions. Furthermore, the brushes used for makeup can possibly pull on your Eyelashes and even cause them to be damaged, loosened, or removed.

Do not use makeup products on your face for 24 hours after the application of lash extension. You have to take off your waterproof eye makeup at the end of the day it demands more effort. To protect the lash extension, you have to wear much makeup that can be easily removed, which excludes the waterproof products in your makeup arsenal.

Avoid WaterProof Makeup Products
Avoid WaterProof Makeup Products

Comb Through Your Lashes With a Spoolie Daily:

Specifically, While you’re sleeping lash extensions have a tendency to crisscross and get entangled. To keep them in order, gently comb via them with a spoolie every morning and be attentive not to pull. Another method to care for your lashes every day is to utilize an eyelash extension conditioner. Monaco also says; “It will keep those lashes looking flawless in between fill-ins,”.


Usage Of Powder Liner:

You are already come to know that your liner needs to be oil-free, whereas, what else should you look for in a product? The liquid and cream liners can build up your eyelashes and during their application pull at your eye. So a more suitable option is using a powder eyeliner s just like this; the “L’Oréal Paris Infallible Smokissime Powder Eyeliner”.

Usage Of Powder Liner
Usage Of Powder Liner For Lash Extension

Watch What Type of Eyeshadow You Use:

Monaco says; “Eyeshadows with a sparkle base can cause irritation to the eyelid margin,”. Avoid the usage of powder and glitter getting trapped in your extensions by using a tight-bristled eyeshadow brush. and removing extra powder from your brush before applying it.

Type of Eyeshadow For Lash Extension
Type of Eyeshadow For Lash Extension

Patch Test Is A Must:

Some peoples have sensitive skin their eyelashes fell out due to lash extension. Careful, don’t let that be with you. So before applying it, make sure your lash technician does a patch test to determine if you are sensitive or allergic to the glue or not.

We are recommended you do your patch test before using lash extension if it is sensitive. The patch test is a diagnostic procedure used to specify which specific substances cause allergic inflammation of a patient’s skin.

The After Care:

1) Do not get eyelashes wet for up to 24 hours after application
2) Do not use makeup on the area for up to 24 hours after application
3) Do not use saunas, steam rooms, or sunbeds for 48 hours after application
4) Do not tint, perm, or use eyelash curlers.
5) Do not use waterproof or oil-based mascara, instead go for a water-based mascara if necessary.
6) Do not rub your eyes or pick at your lashes.

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